GTA III Patch 3

The final patch for GTA III


  • Capacity to reproduce your own audio files
  • Minor errors fixed


  • Nothing especially remarkable


Update: GTA 5 has arrived to PC! Do you want to try the game (although it will not be for free)? If so, you can download Grand Theft Auto V for PC from Softonic.

The GTA III 1.1 patch is the latest patch for this installment of the famous Grand Theft Auto saga. It includes some important improvements.

To start with, this GTA III patch fixes some errors that come up when you load saved chapters and when you load the game. Additionally, the "mouse sensibility" setting is saved along with the rest of the settings, so that it is no longer necessary to configure it every time.

This GTA III patch also includes the interesting possibility of reproducing audio files you might have in your hard disk. All you need to do is copy the files to the Grand Theft Auto III audio file.

If you are the kind of person who will always be in love with GTA III, this patch for GTA III is essential.



GTA III Patch 3

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